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When you hear it. Do it.
Lockdown = Locks, Lights, Out of sight!

The purpose of an emergency lockdown is protection from an armed intruder or hostage situation on campus. An emergency lockdown is necessary in situations where there is reason to believe that exiting a sheltered area will expose individuals to greater danger than remaining in place.


Armed Intruder or Shooting Situations

Remember the following:

  • Gunfire may sound artificial. Assume that any popping sound is gunfire.
  • Figure out your course of action immediately. In the initial moments, decide what is occurring and which option listed below will provide the greatest degree of safety.
  • Run

    If there is considerable distance between you and the gunfire, quickly move away from the sound of the gunfire and find a secure place to hide or at least a place that will provide protection from gunfire or explosions such as a brick wall, trees, or buildings. Evacuate whether others agree to or not and leave your belongings behind.

  • Hide

    If the shooter is in close proximity to your location, lock and barricade the door if possible. Silence your cell phone and remain very quiet. If there are two or more persons in the same place when an active shooting begins, you should spread out in the room to in order to not be seen.

  • Fight

    If discovered or confronted by an active shooter, an attempt to overpower the shooter may be your only option. Improvise weapons and attempt to incapacitate the shooter.

  • Report what is going on. DO NOT assume that someone else has reported the emergency. Call 911 immediately. The information that you are able to provide law enforcement officers may be critical, e.g. number of shooters, physical description, number and type(s) of weapons, and location of the shooter.
  • Do not leave the lockdown until advised to do so. The first group of law enforcement officers will not stop to assist you as they go through the building. Their priority is to move toward the sound of gunfire to neutralize the shooter.


Steps to Follow in Lockdown

  1. DO NOT expect to hear an audible alarm and DO NOT activate the fire alarm system. There have been cases where active shooters have activated fire alarms to lure victims outside.
  2. Campus Public Safety Officers have other duties to perform during a lockdown and may not be available to assist in announcing the lockdown or providing directions.

Shelter in Place

  • Shelter in  place  directives  will  be  given  for  hazards  outside  a building.
  • Stay where you are within a building until further directed by Campus Public Safety.

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