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student getting guidance from instructor


Persistence from Application to Completion in Education

The PACE Success Coaches support and inspire students to engage in self-discovery, mitigate barriers, persist from application to completion, and become lifelong learners and global citizens. We have one PACE success coach for each division of the college





Angela Davis

Lead PACE Success Coach
Main 359
Call/Text: 336-290-5509
Office: 336-506-4395 (ext. 4395)

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Ryan Holloway

Ryan Halloway

PACE Success Coach
Health & Public Services Division
Main 325
Call/Text: 336-514-9312
Office: 336-532-5039 (ext. 5039)

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Darian Raider

Darian Rader

PACE Success Coach
Applied Engineering, Agriculture and Skilled Trades Division
Main 327
Call/Text: 336-283-5141
Office: 336-532-5036 (ext. 5036)

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Aubrey Williams

PACE Success Coach
Business, Arts and Sciences Division
Main 325
Office: 336-532-5027 


PACE Success Coach Interest Form

Meet-one-on-one with a PACE Success Coach to improve your ACC experience! Your coach will support you, motivate you and connect you to resources. PACE Success Coaches will encourage you to become a responsible of your education!

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