Alamance Community College student Vincent Funk, studying in the Information Technology Systems Security (Cybersecurity) program, recorded a remarkable achievement in the National Cyber League (NCL) Spring Games. Competing against over 7,400 participants from across the nation, Vincent placed 91st, securing a position in the top 1% of all competitors.


The NCL is a high-profile cybersecurity competition that mimics real-world scenarios requiring participants to solve challenges such as identifying hackers from forensic data, pen-testing vulnerable websites, and recovering from ransomware attacks. The competition is structured similarly to a sporting season, with a preparatory Gymnasium phase, a mid-season Practice Session, and culminating in a rigorous weekend-long Individual Game.


Vincent's exceptional performance in the Spring Games is a testament to his skills and preparation. He completed 85.5% of the challenges, maintaining over 90% accuracy throughout the competition. Notably, Vincent achieved perfect accuracy in critical areas including Enumeration & Exploitation, Log Analysis, Scanning & Reconnaissance, Web Application Exploitation, and Cryptography.


ACC and the Information Technology Department celebrate Vincent’s success as an example of the excellence and dedication fostered within our IT Systems Security (Cybersecurity) program. His achievement not only highlights his personal commitment to his cybersecurity education, but also places Alamance Community College on the map as a leading institution for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.


“We are incredibly proud of Vincent and his accomplishments in the National Cyber League Spring Games. His success is a reflection of the rigorous training and education provided by our faculty and the hard work and determination of our students,” said Debra McCusker, Department Head of Accounting, Business Administration, and Information Technology.


Vincent’s achievement in the NCL Spring Games is an inspiring story of student success and represents true academic and extracurricular commitment. ACC looks forward to supporting more students like Vincent in reaching their potential and achieving great heights in their respective fields.


For more information about the IT Systems Security (Cybersecurity) program of study, contact: Debra McCusker,