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Computer Labs

If you do not have a computer of your own, ACC has two open access labs for students, the Academic Support Center and Library.

The Academic Support Center provides open access to and assistance with educational software designed to enable both curriculum and continuing education students to meet their course, degree, transfer or career needs.

The library provides all patrons with public computer access.

There are 20 PC workstations available for school work only. Simply sign in at each workstation. All computers have Internet access, Microsoft Office 2010, and access to Adobe Acrobat. 


Join ACC's Wireless Network

Alamance Community College provides two wireless access networks:


This network provides wireless access to the general public and provides the following:

  • No wireless key required
  • Authentication via web browser
  • 1.8 to 3 Mbits per second of speed per user
  • Access to HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS
  • Highly restrictive web content filter

This network provides wireless access to faculty, staff, and students who have setup their ACCess accounts

  • Wireless communication encrypted with wireless access key
  • Authentication via ACCess userid and password
  • 3 to 5 Mbits per second of speed per user
  • Access to HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, and various email protocols
  • Less restrictive web content filter


(Hint: Your Windows, ACCess Username)
(Hint: Your Windows, ACCess Password)


Alamance Community College offers its wireless hotspot as a public service for users. Unlimited access will be granted to this wireless network in designated hotspots as technology and network capacities allow.

ACC does not provide personal technical support for users attempting to access its free public wireless network and does not guarantee specific rates of speed or uninterrupted service. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate compliant wireless card (802.11b or g) and are running uptodate antivirus and antispyware software on their wireless device.

Use of the ACC wireless network and the Internet in general is at the USER’S SOLE RISK. ACC is not liable for any loss, damage, security infringement or injury which the user may sustain as a result of being allowed access to the wireless network. The user is responsible for any intentional or unintentional actions that affect other devices or users of the network. The ACC network, wireless or hardwired, is not to be used for:

  • commercial use.
  • malicious actions, such as denial of service attacks.
  • harassment of other computer users.
  • distribution of pornographic materials.
  • copyright violations.
  • offering of DHCP or Domain Name Services (DNS).
  • file-sharing or other bandwidth intensive applications that may degrade quality of service.